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KXRO Rules & Regulations

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:52 pm

The following rules are a strong reminder to all players that it is your responsibility and ours to upkeep and maintain the peace of the server. As time goes by, rules are subject to changes, alterations, modifications and updates. In which case, players will be notified by a Facebook post.

Administrative Rules:

1) Violators of the rules of Kx Ragnarok Online WILL face...

Note: For Suspensions & Bans, punishment will usually involve IP + ALL accounts unless stated otherwise.

2) Management will not hesitate to ban the accounts & IP Address of players who are caught advertising another Ragnarok Online server.

3) Do not spread rumours which are untrue against Kx Ragnarok Online or the GMs. Do not create false stories in an attempt to promote a negative image of the server to the general public, your accounts & IP Address will be banned without hesitation.

4) GMs reserve the right to choose whether to issue a warning or a heavier sentence depending on a first-time offense or the seriousness of the particular case being handled.
Punishments issued can/will be increased or extended if the player shows bad attitude and a complete lack of respect towards GM. In Kx Ragnarok Online we will rarely issue a permanent ban unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. Players who have an absolute disregard to the server rules, showing extreme signs of rudeness towards GM team, multiple offenders, repeated offenders and totally unwilling to cooperate, only such players will receive the PERMANENT BAN. We don't want to do it, don't make us do it.

5) All players are empowered with the right to give warnings to violators. (Video evidences are always better)

Provide a screenshot with the following:

1. Tell them atleast 3 TIMES through Private Messages AND/OR Public Chat that they are committing an offense which is punishable by Server Rules.
(Please call out the violator's name if you address him/her in public)

2. Take Screen Shots of the player continuing to commit the offense even after 3 times warning.

3. Post the screenshots in the forum's 'Report' section.

*Alert* GMs will skip Warning as the minimum punishment issued to the reported player for the specific offense commited.

General Rules:

1) Do not use Bots, hacks or any 3rd party programs(including macro softwares) and Gaming mouse/keyboards that provides an unfair advantage.

[color=#EEEEEE]For Suspected Bots:
Bot character will be warped to jail. We will check the database and contact the owner of the account. They are required to send the program to GM for BLOCKING and are also required to provide full information about it. Players who cooperate will be let off with a WARNING on the condition that they never use it again. Players who refuse to cooperate, deny allegations or give dishonest answers will be BANNED.
[color=#FF0000][Minimum: Warning/BAN]

The following reasons are not acceptable:
1. My friend/family member/girl friend/boy friend etc. played I don't know what they did.
2. Its my first time in Kx Ragnarok Online and I don't know the Rules...
3. I've seen other players bot why can't I?
4. I saw the GM and got scared so I disconnected...
5. I was busy hunting item and had no time reply...
6. The monster was hurting me and I couldn't reply...
7. I was pressing skill with my hands while my eyes were looking elsewhere, reading forum, books, etc...
8. I don't have a forum account. How am I suppose to know where to read?

[b][size=13]For Suspected Macro:

Players will be warped to for questioning by a GM. They are required to send the program to GM for BLOCKING and are also required to provide full information about it. Players who cooperate will be let off with a WARNING on the condition that they never use it again. Players who refuse to cooperate, deny allegations or give dishonest answers will receive a minimum penalty of JAIL until investigations are complete. After running tests in front of the player and the GMs are still unable to achieve the results of what the suspected player managed to achieve, it would be considered that the player was using a 3rd party program and refuses to admit, penalty will be BAN.
[Minimum: Warning/BAN]

2) Do not use someone else's name with the sole intention to impersonate them.
This includes the names of any players or the GM Team, the use of "GM" or [KxRO] in a character name and guild name is also forbidden. Punishment issued will be decided by the act that was carried out by the Impersonator. GMs WILL render assistance for scam cases that were carried out by Impersonation. For attempting or carrying out an act while impersonating as a GM consequences WILL be greater.
[Minimum: Jail/Suspension/Ban]

Note: Having similar names does NOT equate to impersonation. Impersonation refers to the act of pretending to be someone else for the purpose of doing something illegal.

3) Do not spam any skills (e.g. Meteor Storm/Lord Of Vermillion/Ice Wall/ etc.) in town that will cause any form of disruption or inconvenience.
[Minimum: Warning/Mute/Jail]

4) Do not use pets / mercenary / homunculus or yourself to block any NPCs.
[Minimum: Warning/Mute/Jail]

5) Do not open warp portal and warp players away at a specific points where you know other players will spawn.
[Minimum: Warning/Mute/Jail]

6) Do not Exploit bugs that result in the gain of large quantities of zeny or items.
All zeny and items earned through exploitation will be deleted. For failure to report the bug + exploitation, the player is required to provide full information regarding the bug/exploitation and if he/she told a friend who also happened to profit through the exploitation. If investigations reveal that player was being dishonest during questioning, a more severe penalty awaits.
[Minimum: Warning/Jail/BAN]

7) Do not attack/insult GMs.
If you are unhappy about an issue, approach us and talk to us. You may address the issue by private message, public channel or even megaphone and we will respond to you through the same medium. However, if you choose to use a megaphone please take caution on what you say and how you say it. Players are advised NOT to use megaphones for your own protection. If you are complaining consistently in public channel or megaphone for sole the purpose of creating trouble a more severe penalty awaits.
[Minimum: Warning or Mute]-[2nd time: Jail]-[3rd time: Suspension/BAN]

Example of an appropriate megaphone message that GMs will respond to:
"GM could you explain why you changed xxx. What is the motive or purpose for making this change?"

Example of an inappropriate megaphone message that GMs will NOT respond to and warrants a punishment:
"WTF noob GM why the **** did you changed xxx. Are you a ****ing moron? Change this **** for ****?"

8 ) During GM Hosted Events do not spam @request or intentionally ruin the experience for other players in anyway (PK NOT included).
GMs will not be answering any requests while hosting events. Do not play warp portals. IF the GM requests to take a screenshot of all the participants do not purposely try to ruin it. Prior warning will be provided, if the player does not comply he/she will be muted or jailed until the end of the event. If the player was behaving inappropriately or showing bad attitude the Jail term will be extended.
[Minimum: Warning/Mute/Jail]

9) Do not threaten to physically hurt another player of KxRO or his/her loved-ones in Real Life.
Any argument that arises from the game should be settled within the game itself. If you believe that you are the victim of a severe wrong-doing or assume that another player has crossed the line against you, please get in touch with a GM immediately. We will investigate if the other party has violated any of our rules and we will exact the appropriate punishment and/or we will enact new rules to protect you in future. DO NOT take matters into your own hand(or fists) and challenge the other party to a fight. Be mature and make the right decision, do not incriminate yourself against federal law.
[Minimum: Warning/Jail/Suspension/BAN]

Account Rules:

1) Trading accounts/items for real money or items on another game is strictly prohibited.
Buyers and Sellers are equally guilty. If we happen to see you with an open chat-room selling item(s) in cash we will let you know that it is an offense. If we already have proof that you bought/sold items in cash you will receive a more severe penalty. If we happened to know that you are a seasoned player, we assume that you are already aware that it is an offense to buy/sell items in cash, no warnings will be provided and immediate action will be taken.
[Minimum: Warning/Jail/Suspension/BAN]

2) Account/Item sharing is entirely at the account/item owner's risk. GMs will not take any responsibilities for such cases.If your account is compromised in any way as a result of account sharing, GMs reserve the right to refuse support.

3) If a player's account is compromised due to other methods, such as keylogging (typically a program claiming to offer administrative access, or free items) or forged e-mail claiming to be the GM Team, the GM Team will recover the account, and permanently ban the person(s) responsible.

4) Trade in KxRO Cash Points at your own risk. Players are advised to exercise caution when selling large amounts of KxRO Cash Points in one trade.
If someone wishes to buy KxRO Points from you, try to establish their In-Game identity. Do not take risks by selling to a 'New' or 'Unknown' player as he/she may ask of you to buy items in the KxRO Point shop and logout without completing the trade. For your own safety, do not trade with Novices or 1st job characters, he/she might have intentionally created that character to rip you off. The GM team reserves the right to refuse support for such cases.

*Scammers Alert* GM team will still be monitoring this closely. If you use unknown characters to scam other players, do not forget that the we will always have the ability to establish your identity for our own reference.

Racism & Discrimination Rules:

Racism & Discrimination is ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED in Kx Ragnarok Online. Violator's account will be JAILED, SUSPENDED OR BANNED. We are a multi-cultural, multi ethnical society, please respect our differences. Treat others as how you would want to be treated yourself. Do not call out a player by his/her Race, Religion, Ethnicity, Colour, Nationality, Gender, Gender Identity, Cultural Identity or Sexual Orientation. The management takes RACISM & DISCRIMINATION very seriously, we do not want to encourage a hostile server environment in Kx Ragnarok Online by turning a blind eye to such events/incidents.

If you find yourself being harassed, politely ask them to stop before requesting assistance from the GMs. If none of the GMs are online (via the @request command), please take the screenshots as evidence and lodge an official report in the forum. The GM team are not responsible to educate players on what type of comments contain Racism or Discrimination. Players are advised to use their own discretion on what they say during the heat of an argument.

Disclaimer: Racist comments are NOT subjective. There is an extremely thin BUT fine line to determine if a comment contains racism & discrimination. If you are unsure or unaware please REFRAIN from mentioning the names of any specific groups as it is entirely determined by the context of WHAT is being said and HOW it is being said. Do not put yourself at risk because what you say can/may be used against you.

Note: A Racist or Discriminatory comment would typically be targeted at an individual or a group of players. However, even if there are no specific target(s) present, a heavier sentence will be issued to players who post Racist or Discriminatory comments in PUBLIC chat settings and especially server-wide BROADCAST(megaphone) as long as screenshots are provided by any onlookers.

Punishment: The form/length of punishment issued to the violator will be determined by the amount of detail provided in the screenshots as well as the context of what and how the racist or discriminatory comment/remark was implied upon the victim(s). GMs reserves the right to choose whether to issue the minimum sentence of a Jail term or a heavier sentence depending on the seriousness of the particular case being handled.
[Minimum: Jail (3days) OR Suspension: 1-2 weeks]-[Subsequent case: Suspension 2-4 weeks OR BAN]

Kill Stealing(KS) Bloody Branch/Twig :

Bloody Branch/Twig is regarded as a private event, the MVP summoned by the player and his team retains ALL RIGHTS to the MVP for an UNSPECIFIED period of time and is strictly NOT to be KS-ed. MVPs that are left unguarded and alive in the map MAY be free-for-all OR if stated by the summoner; the management team will monitor this on a case-by-case basis if any disputes are to arise from it. If a player is NOT the summoner but pretends to be one and invites other people to KS the original summoner's MVP, he/she is liable to be receive punishment.

Note: MVPs that spawn in its original map location FREE-FOR-ALL and are excluded from the Kill Steal Rule.

If you are being subjected to kill stealing, politely ask them to stop before requesting assistance from the GMs. Warn them that they are committing an offense and they could be liable to a Jail term or Banned. If none of the GMs are online ( via the @request command ), please take the screenshots or video footage as evidence and lodge an official report in the forum. If possible please take screenshots that you have also Private-Messaged them to stop hitting the MVP.
[Minimum: Warning/Jail/Suspension/Bann]

War Of Emperium Rules :

1) Strictly no spamming trade or party request during War Of Emperium.
[Minimum: Warning/Mute/Jail]

2) Spamming personal messages are not allowed to distract other players.
[Minimum: Warning/Mute/Jail]

Game Master:

1) The real GM's name starts with [GM] without any space brackets. Example : [GM] xxxx , but NOT [ GM ] xxxx , nor [G M] xxxx.

2) If someone send you a personal message ( PM ) and claim he/she is the GM , require him/her to use @goto / @jumpto you , if he/she can't do it , means he/she is a liar.


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