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Server Information

Post by Admin on Tue May 03, 2016 5:48 pm

::Kx Ragnarok Online::

Server Information :
-PK mode
-Main Town :PRONTERA
-Players Commands :@commands

Trans Job Information :
-Max Level 99/70
-Max Stats :99
-Max ASPD :193
-Instant Cast :DEX 140
-Skill Delay :YES

3rd Job Information :
-Quest Job Changer :YES
-Max Level :175/60
-Max Stats :130
-Max ASPD :193
-Instant Cast :DEX 160
-Skill Delay :YES

Quest Information :
-Custom Headgear Quest  :YES
-Hat Maker :YES
-Official Level 4 Weapon Quest :YES
-Battle Ground System :NO

Server's Rates Information :
Exp Rates :100x
Equips :Normal: 500x Boss: 1x
Cards :Normal: 500x Boss: 100x
Useable :Normal: 500x Boss: 50x
Healing Items :Normal: 50x Boss: 50x
Common Items :Normal: 500x Boss: 20x

NPC Information :
Healer, Warper, Job Changer, Resetter, Repair man, Stylist, Breeder, PVP warper,PVP Ladder, Banker, Lottery/Stock Market,Tool Dealer, Item Mall, Item Signer and MORE!!!......


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